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in digital economy, smart cities and other fields. They agreed to jointly build a Digital Silk Road.In a bid to promote their economic and so

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cial prosperity and sustainable development, China and Thailand agreed to further expand cooperation in science, technolo▓gy and innovati

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on through joint research and development programs, res▓earcher exchanges and technology transfer.Additionally, th▓e two sides agreed to explore cooperation in such fields as biology, green circular economy and c▓utting-edge technology.On education and people-to-pe

ople exchanges, China a▓nd Thailand expressed satisfaction with cooperation within the framework of the current memorandum of understanding on education co

operation, and agreed to strengt▓hen education cooperation at all levels and in all fields through such efforts as joint education, special excha

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nges, academic exchanges and distance learning.The two countries al▓so pled

  • use▓ of their currencies in trade a
  • nd investment, and enh▓ance c
  • ollaboration on cross-border sup
  • ervision.On tourism cooperation, they
  • said they are satisf

ged to strive for concrete outcomes in bilateral cultural exchanges, and agreed to joint

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ourism sector an d further increase t wo-way movement of people. As for cooperation o n innovation, both  sides agree d that it is a highlight i n the BRI cooperation. The two si des vowed to p ush forward projects o n communications tec hnology, ope n innovation c enters, high-tec h industrial p arks and technology transfer cen te▓rs, and stre ngthen cooperation 衡山县5G 乡宁县5G 尼木县wap 蒲县5G 万州区5G 义马市5G 西城区5G 临澧县wap 莫力达瓦达斡尔族自治旗wap 宝兴县5G 洪江市wap 盐城市5G 尚义县5G 清镇市5G 金山区5G 敖汉旗wap 鹰潭市5G 宁晋县wap 大丰市5G 邵阳县5G 网通传奇私服3000ok 传奇私服sf8000 盛大传奇私服网站新开网 传奇私服单职业发布网站 传奇私服烟花精品 传奇私服99搜 新开传奇私服发布网945 新开传奇私服刚开一秒 新开电信传奇私服网 手机版传奇私服哪个最好玩